Digital audiomixer
Allen&Heath SQ6

Suitable for mixing large events, conferences, live streams
and social events of all kinds.
24 microphones preamplifiers
8 stereo effects with owns return channel and access
to the effects library RackExtra FX
the monitors can be configured with twelve stereo mixes
includes Automatic Mic Mixing
7″ touch screen, DEEP processing
SLink for remote control and multi-unit linking
32 x 32 USB audio interface with recording directly to USB drive
AES output, chromatic meters
16 addable buttons and 4 addable rotary drivers or LCD channel displays
PLUS! Dante interface
24 microphone inputs, 48 inputs
12 AUX, 12 subgroups, 24 inserts
multieffect, compressor, FW, USB, LAN

2 500 CZK


Digital audiomixer
Mackie ProFX16v3

microphone inputs: 11 Onyx preamps
inputs: 16 Onyx preamps
AUX: 3+ FX
subgroups: 4
inserts: 8
direct out: 0
microphone channel EQ: 3 bands
multieffect: 24 effects
compressor: yes
firmware: yes
USB interface – can record directly to PC

1 500 CZK


Yamaha Stagepas 600BT Mini PA System with Bluetooth Function

consisting of 2 x passive 2 x way boxes and 10-channel power mixers
dimensions per speaker 335 x 545 x 319 mm
weight per speaker 10.8 kg
power: 2 x 340W
wireless audio (Bluetooth)
the Bluetooth function allows to connect phone, iPad or computer, so you can make your own disco
3-Band EQ
internal SPX digital effects unit
feedback suppression
4 x mono, 3 x stereo inputs
phantom power, only 2 inputs
speaker cabel lenght 20 m

2 700 CZK


Together with the system it is possible to order wired and wireless microphones, tripods, the necessary cabels, stage, etc. The system can be picked up personally or we offer the transport, installation, services of a sound engineer, technicians or DJs. List of items and prices below.

Speaker JBL
Partybox 710

bluetooth speaker 800W
frequency range from 35 Hz to 20000 Hz
3,5 mm jack
bluetooth 5.1
USB input
USB power supply
IPX4 certification
possible remote control via iOS or Android device


2 900 CZK


Speaker JBL
Party box 310

bluetooth speaker 240W
frequency range from 45 Hz to 20000 Hz
3,5 mm jack
bluetooth 5.1
IPX4 certification
control remote via Android devices
18 hours battery duration

2 200 CZK


Speaker Ibiza
Sound Port 15 UHF

300W, Flash disk player, input
wireless microphones
5 hours on battery, link
USB and SD card inputs, Line out
automatic speech and music mixing function
pull out handle and wheels
dimension: 685 x 440 x 380 mm
weight: 18,4 kg

2 100 CZK


Battery and AC powered speaker

250W, flash disk player, input
2 x wireless microphones (174.1MHz + 175.0MHz)
8 hours on battery, link
USB and SD card inputs, Line out
dimension: 685 x 440 x 380 mm
weight: 18,4 kg

2 100 CZK


Battery and AC powered speaker
Lewitz portable 20

100W, 2 wireless microphones
MP3 player, USB, Line, microphone input
3 band EQ, Speaker out, Line out
playback with Bluetooth
4-6 hours on battery (3-5 hour charging)
dimension: 330 x 270 x 510 mm
weight: 9,1 kg

1 500 CZK


Interpreting sets Sennheiser

We rent Sennheiser interpreter sets, which we use not only for interpreting.
The set consists of:
wireless handheld or bodypack with
a headset microphone for the guide
25 wireless receivers with headphones
the set can use up to 6 channel frequencies
they are also suitable for louder, noisier operations

price including headphones and rechargeable batteries

4 200 CZK



high quality eighteen 15W five-colour LESs (red, green, blue, white and gold)
universal double bracket for hanging or standing on the ground
DMX interface
spotlight supplied with tripod

350 CZK


Accessories to audiomixer
Allen&Heat SQ6

data cable 100 m
(connection audiomixer – stagebox)

150 CZK


Additional services

– within Prague, flat rate  1 500 CZK
– outside Prague 15 CZK/1 km

– installation and uninstallation of the equipment, flat rate  3 000 CZK
– technical assistance during the event (engineer up to 10 hours) 450 CZK/1 h
– technical assistance during the event (engineer time over 10 hours)  750 CZK/1 h
– sound engineer, day rate 10 hours 6 000 CZK
– sound engineer time over day rate 10 hours 900 CZK/1h
– professional DJ including DJ set (videodiskoteky.eu9 600 CZK – 15 000CZK

– tent, scissor system, flat rate 2 500 CZK
– stage 2 x 2 meters 5 000 CZK
– stage 2 x 4 meters 6 000 CZK
– stage 3 x 6 meters 9 000 CZK
– power generator 200W (without petrol)  800 CZK/1 ks
– table to put on the equipment  300 CZK/1 ks
– flipchart including block of papers and marker 300 CZK/1 ks
– spare block of papers  150 CZK/1 ks
– wifi hotspot, radio transmitter rental, other services – price negotiable

– tripod for speakers (in Yamaha set the tripod is included) 150 CZK/1 ks
– microphone tripod 100 CZK/1 ks
– wired microphone Shure 58 250 CZK/1 ks
– microphone Sennheiser SKM 5200, receiver Sennheiser EK3241 1 200 CZK/1 ks
– wireless microphone Sennheiser 421  1 500 CZK/1 ks
– wireless Sennheiser Evolution + mic capsule  720 CZK/1 ks
– wireless Sennheiser SK 5212 + mic capsule 1 500 CZK/1 ks
– wireless Sennheiser SK5212 + Headset DPA  2 100 CZK/1 ks
– cable Canon – Canon  150 CZK/1 ks
– cable Cinch – Cinch, Cinch – 3,5 Jack  100 CZK/1 ks
– extension cord 3 socket 100 CZK/1 ks
– extension cord 20 m on unwinding drum  150 CZK/1 ks
– extension cord 50 m on unwinding drum  250 CZK/1 ks

A cash deposit is required in proportion to the value of borrowed equipment.

All prices are without VAT 21%.

The complete sound equipment for all kinds of recording.